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Who are you first?

We are B&G Immigration. a Specialized firm in Global Mobility, Immigration, and Studying Abroad full-fledge consultation service provider. B&G Immigration that stands for Borders & Gates Immigration is committed to the highest Consultation Standards & Practices.


Through our strategic partner’s technology is harnessed to make your life easier. This means no more hassle in contacting a university and no more wasted time in repeating the same process when applying to different universities and what is really considered an achievement is having more than 4,000 universities to apply for.

I want to apply in 7 seven colleges at the same time but do not want to apply at each at once. Can you help me?

Definitely, this is what we are here for. With B&G Immigration your ONLY one profile can apply in various universities within different countries.

Even if you are saying it is ONE profile but as a student, I will have to go for every acceptance process solely with every university?

Never, Just one profile, one Platform but an unlimited number of Applications, unlimited number of Universities, and an Unlimited number of Programs. This is our value and will never compromise.

How many universities can B&G Immigration help me apply to?

Our coverage is dominant and almost found in all top-notch universities among each and every corner of the world. We proudly can enroll you in universities in:

This is only the regional coverage. In these +25 countries, your application has exposure to more than +4000 universities.

Still want more, send us the name of your desired university and program and we will work on it. So, still, among your ONE profile, we will include all your study desires.

Sorry for asking this again and again but are you sure I am not going to fill tens of forms and submit tens of documents for every university?

First, you are most welcomed anytime.

Second, do not worry. Just one form filled once, and documents submitted once for all universities and programs you are looking for.

How much I am going to pay you?

B&G Immigration charges a one-time minimal administration fee of just USD 500.

How long does it take me to join my desired university?

This is a broad question. We offer hundreds of programs in various regions. Which does not allow us to get a standard estimate time for getting enrolled. Hence, once we confirm the engagement, Time Frames and Costs are very clear and will be communicated with you immediately.

Why do I need your assistance?

The application process can be confusing and frustrating, that’s why once you sign up with us, you will be assigned a personal education advisor who will guide you through each step of the application process.

Your personal education advisor will:

  1. Review your entire application.
  2. Review supporting documents.
  3. Have an over-the-phone consultation with you.
  4. Suggest revisions to your application as required.
  5. Send your application to selected schools.

You can have add-ons like:

• 1:1 Consultation with a Local Counselor

In this one-time session, you will have the opportunity to speak with a Local Counselor whose expertise is international education.

Your Local Counselor will be based in an area near you and will help you create a list of 3 universities and programs that are in line with your interests, career goals, preferences, and budget.

• 1:1 Consultation with an International Counselor

In this one-time session, you will have the opportunity to speak with an International Counselor who has expertise in your desired study abroad destination and international education. The International Counselor may even live in your destination of choice and they will answer your questions about living and studying abroad as well as give you advice on which universities and programs might be right for you.

• Essay Review

Make your Personal Statement/Statement of Purpose stand out from all the other applicants’! With the Essay Review Essential Add-on, we will make sure that your essay is perfect before submitting your university applications.

• Visa Application and Visa Interview Preparation

Receive guidance throughout the entire visa application process, including assistance with filling out the forms and preparing the required documents, plus mock interview questions and one interview preparation session.

• Extra University Application

Narrowing down and choosing to apply to just 3 universities and programs is not for everyone! B&G Immigration lets you choose exactly how many additional applications you would like us to submit on your behalf.

• Accommodation and Flight Booking

Moving to a different country and starting a new life comes with many responsibilities. Let our expert advisors help you with booking your university accommodation. Furthermore, we will book your entire trip so you can focus on spending quality time with your family and friends before your departure date.

How do I reach you?

We love to hear from you. You will find our contact details under Contact us. You may contact us over email, form, phone, or simply request a call-back.

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