Are you ready to settle down? Are you looking at life beyond your current job and set of friends? Are you ready to build a life with your future spouse or partner? These are all important questions before deciding to settle down, and with that in mind, you would want to find the correct country with the right laws to help you make a move. These are the factors you should consider before investing in a country, and New Zealand is one of the best places to do so. The country has a stable economy, low cost of living, high employment rate, and welcoming culture. In addition, there are several citizenship programs available to those who want to move to New Zealand and become a citizen. Here’s an in-depth guide to New Zealand citizenship for those looking to become an ex-pat and settle down.

Investor business migration visas in New Zealand are for investors seeking residence. Investor visas may be an excellent option for you and your family to invest in your New Zealand lifestyle. Investors are classified into two categories:

  1. New Zealand Investor 1 Visa requires a minimum investment of NZ$10 million over three years.
  2. New Zealand Investor 2 Visa requires a minimum investment of NZ$10 million over three years.

What are the Criteria for Approval?

Investor Visa NZ

  • Each of the last three years of a four-year investment cycle requires 146 days in New Zealand, for 438 days in New Zealand across the four years.
  • Make a three-million-dollar investment in New Zealand
  • At least three years of business experience
  • English language requirements in their entirety.
  • Family members must have the same level of English proficiency as the primary candidate or pay in advance for ESOL education.
  • The applicant’s maximum age is 65 years.

Investor Plus Visa NZ

You must spend a minimum of 44 days in New Zealand over the last two years of a three-year investment term. In other words, you must spend 88 days in New Zealand over the three-year investment term.

This visa has no further requirements.

Advantages for Growth Investments

Investor visa holders who spend at least 25% of their investment money in assets other than bonds and charity investments may flexibly meet their stay in New Zealand. Investor 2 visa holders must invest for a minimum of 438 days over four years, while Investor Plus visa holders must invest for 88 days over three years.

Investor 2 visa holders who spend at least 50% of their investment money in non-bond or charity assets will decrease their investment total by $500,000. For instance, if you invest $1.5 million in non-bond and charitable assets and $3 million in investment funds, you only need to invest an additional $1 million to meet the visa conditions.

What is Considered Acceptable Investments?

If you want to apply for one of the investor programs, your investments must match the criteria for “suitable investment.” Generally, good investments include the following:

1) Public or private equity investment in New Zealand-based businesses. Direct or controlled equity investment may be made either actively or passively (only the proportion of the fund that is invested in NZ is counted as acceptable)

2) Bonds issued by the New Zealand government, municipal governments, licensed banks, finance corporations, and other New Zealand-based entities.

3) A new residential property development that is not meant for the investor’s personal use but is designed to produce revenue on the open market.

4) Philanthropic contributions may account for up to 15% of total expenditures.

Your investment needs to be:

  • Under normal circumstances, capable of generating a commercial profit
  • Invest in New Zealand using Kiwi dollars
  • Possibility of contributing to New Zealand’s economy
  • Not for personal use by the investor.

Details About Investment Funds

You may invest in several different funds and assets. They must be worth at least NZ$3 million for Investor and NZ$10 million for Investor Plus; however, you may suggest more individuals if your Expression of Interest earns more points (EOI).

You must demonstrate that you, your spouse, entirely or jointly own your investment and assets and any dependent children included on the application.

  • Additionally, you must demonstrate that the monies you intend to spend are:
  • Unencumbered by any encumbrances, including mortgages, liens, charges, and encumbrances (whether equitable or otherwise) or any creditor claims.
  • Were obtained or gained in a legal manner
  • Transfers may be made through the banking system or via a foreign exchange firm that works in conjunction with the banking system (Immigration New Zealand will not be able whether or whether you can transfer cash to New Zealand via the banking system) will approve your application.

Procedure After Approval of Residency

You will have 12 months to invest your assets in a New Zealand investment that falls into one of the two categories. In addition, you must have verifiable paperwork proving that the monies moved to New Zealand originated from the specified funds and assets.

You may apply for an extension of this time and a work visa to visit New Zealand and investigate investment prospects.

To qualify for the Investor Plus group, you must maintain your investment money in a suitable investment for three years. Additionally, you must spend at least 44 days each year in New Zealand in years two and three of your three-year investment cycle for 88 days throughout the three years.

If you fall into the Investor category, you must retain your investment money in an acceptable investment for four years. Additionally, you must spend at least 146 days each year in New Zealand throughout the second, third, and fourth years of your four-year investment cycle, for 438 days across the four years. It is contingent upon the composition of your investment.

New Zealand’s Entrepreneur Visas

Entrepreneur visas in New Zealand may be the correct choice for you if you are an experienced businessperson interested in establishing your own business.

Most individuals begin with an Entrepreneur Work Visa, which allows them to go to New Zealand to acquire or establish a business. After six months or two years, you may seek residence under the Entrepreneur Residence Category.

This three-year work visa is comprised of two components:

1) Initial Stage: If your application is successful, you will be issued a 12-month work visa that will enable you to acquire or establish a company in New Zealand.

2) Balance Stage: Until you show that you have made efforts to improve your business, you will be awarded the remaining 24 months of your visa.

Requirements For NZ Entrepreneur Visa

1) A minimum investment of $100,000 New Zealand dollars is required (excluding working capital)

2) A score of 120 points or more, with points awarded for variables such as the chance of the firm succeeding and its attractiveness to New Zealanders.

3) A well-defined business plan

4) There has been no recent bankruptcy, business loss, or history of deception.

5) Fitness, character, and English language competency standards

New Zealand Residency With Entrepreneur Visa

If you have established a high-growth, creative business in New Zealand with export potential, the Entrepreneur Residence Category permits you to live permanently in New Zealand. There are two methods to apply for residence under this program:

1) Entrepreneur Residence Category (Two Years): You must have successfully created or acquired a company in New Zealand and been self-employed in that business for at least two years. Your business must have substantially benefitted New Zealand.

2) Entrepreneur Residence Category (Six Months): If you have invested at least NZ$500,000 in your business and produced at least three new full-time employees for New Zealand citizens or residents, this option provides a more expedited road to residence.

Who Qualifies as a Dependent in this Program?

If an Entrepreneur Work Visa holder brings a spouse or dependant child to New Zealand, they may be granted work and student visas. Additionally, they may be used to support an application for an Entrepreneur Residence Visa.


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