Known as the ‘Spice Isle’ because of its many locally grown spices, Grenada is a beautiful island in the West Indies. The island contains 121kms of pristine beaches with white sand and palm trees, while the air is filled with the aroma of the island’s native spices. Grenada offers a stable political environment and tax advantages for the business investor. As a member of the Commonwealth, Grenada also opens up several educational opportunities, making it the ideal place for you and your family.

The Grenada program is one of the newest citizenship investment programs available to investors. Introduced in 2013, it offers a low-cost entry for a second passport. Grenada is the only Caribbean program with no country restrictions. All applicants are welcome but are subject to strict due diligence checks.

There are fees and taxes to pay in addition. Applicants must be of outstanding character, in good health, of high net worth, and with no criminal record. There is no requirement to visit for an interview for the Grenada citizenship program, and in fact, there is no need to travel to the country to complete the application. Children and dependents up to age 30 can be included (subject to restrictions) along with dependent parents over age 55 (if fully supported). There is no tax on worldwide income, and processing of the application takes around six months. Government, Professional, and Due Diligence fees apply.

Grenada’s citizenship by investment and second passport program is the only program in the Caribbean that allows Visa Free access to China in addition to all Schengen States, the UK, and Singapore. Grenada has the 39th strongest passport and gives its citizens the option of E-2 USA ‘INVESTOR VISA’ that could down the line lead to a Green Card. Grenada is the only citizenship program that allows you to include siblings as dependents. You and your family will obtain irrevocable dual citizenship and a second passport without having to move away or renounce your current nationality.

 The Citizenship by Investment Program reopened in August 2013, when the Grenadian Parliament passed Act No. 15 of 2013, otherwise referred to as the ‘Grenada Citizenship by Investment Act, 2013.’ The stated objective of the Act is to “enable persons to acquire permanent residence, second passport, and citizenship of Grenada by registration in Grenada’s government-approved projects.”



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